So what Language is it going to be?

There comes a time when a decision has to be made as to which programming language I am going to learn – a follow on from a previous post. Using the infographic that I have produced below, the obvious compromise is C++ using Visual Studios as the development environment. It offers the opportunity to deploy projects across different platforms.       Will update here regularly on how I am getting on with tasking my brain.  


What Programming Language?

The question of what programming language to learn first is undoubtedly a puzzle for most people (ref 1). It is for me too. I have over the years shallow dipped in Visual Basic and for more object oriented programming, I have swam with the shark that is C++/C#. I have dabbled in Java, Javascript and ASP. I never however, stayed in the water for long enough to speak the language of the sharks! I got in, do what I needed to do and just got out – just like that. Guess what? I now want to swim with the sharks Read more