OK…this is the deal!: My name is Kazeem Olalekan and I am the CEO and Technology Manager at Iforg Limited. Like most people around the world, the recent Great Recession has had significant detrimental effect on my personal and business bottom line. Nonetheless, fighting back I am and I hope you are too. To get a quick idea of what I am about, you can get yourself a copy of my brief memoir – “The Doctrine of Universal Truths” at

My focus is mainly about the marriage of Technology with Healthcare and I am always looking to exploit the use of many technology innovations to deliver healthcare solutions. I am a pharmacist and have a Masters in Business Information Technology. I nevertheless, continue to learn and develop my technology skills.


Skills for a purpose:

When I acquire a skill, it is to achieve a purpose. I put the horse before the cart. Over the years, as I develop a range of projects, I have been acquiring skills to help achieve my project purpose. I find that one of the core skills, I have acquired is in the realms of Web Development. This is clearly a broad term for describing developing a website for both the internet and the intranet. I have been known to develop simple web pages to complex web applications using different programming languages.

The purpose of this site is to:

  1. Showcase what I can do
  2. Offer my web development skills for hire
  3. Support anyone wanting to develop their skills with valuable information and insight (We can learn together)
  4. Support the GPL philosophy by developing freely available software, plugins etc for the web community
  5. Support the GPL ecosystem with donation from web development projects
  6. Share web’s best practices

I aim to adopt a jargon-free approach to the discussions on this site. Understanding is the primary goal with the aim of encouraging will-be systems engineers to understand that the path to great achievement is through dogged persistence. If somethings appears difficult, please feel free to post it in the forum part of the website and I will do my very best to answer or signpost you to someone who can.


If the demand for my service grows, then I will be recruiting budding programmers and web development trainees to help deliver some of the services. Of course, training will be provided!


I like the idea that ‘Anyone can change everything’: you better believe it!


In addition to customising this template-based WordPress site, do check out our portfolio here for some of our other projects.


Our Services:


The following list is by no means exhaustive but it gives a flavour of the kind of things we can do:


Web Development


 Content Management System (CMS) Customisation
 Web App projects using the common web coding technologies for Windows & Linux
 Code inspection & troubleshooting
 Fully dynamic web projects
 Social Media Management
 Search Engine Optimisation
 Advice on safe web practices
 Graphic & Logo Designs
 Content Management
 Managed Web Hosting
 Education & Training on specific technology


My Badges….and they will grow….