Let’s start again

by Kazeem Olalekan


So a new CEO comes in and ‘times they are a changin’. That is Steve’s (Jobs, that is) favourite Bob Dylan song but this story is not about Apple. Rather it is about Microsoft. Well, it could be about Apple because Microsoft announced recently that Office is going on ipad. Mr Nadella is making waves already. Window is going to be free to device makers of screens nine-inches or smaller (can we not discuss size please, it’s rude). Nevertheless, Microsoft is embracing the new “mobile-first, cloud-first” world. My question is: What took you so long? We however, need to look forward because that is where the prize is.


I was at a pharmacy meeting recently and the presenters brought out their snazzy looking laptops and I though: ‘gosh I am so out of date!’ Both laptops were running Windows 8: one had a touch screen, the other didn’t. The lady with the touch screen laptop was switching seamlessly from navigating with the touch screen and typing with the keyboard. The second chap without the touch screen was navigating through the apps but it felt clunky. I was trying to help load the presentation but I just couldn’t find anything! I had become a technology nincompoop! In my exasperation, I said: ‘Where the hell is the start menu!”.


I am glad to learn that I am not alone. So, of all these new things that Microsoft is doing, the only thing that really excite me most is the return of the start menu! ‘Little things please little minds‘ you might think….you never mind about that! Shall we start again?



CEO and Technology Manager at Iforg Limited

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