Good to know: The Browser Market Share

When you build your spanking new website, it pays to know that it can be viewed readily in most web browsers. It follows therefore that it is good to know what browser your website customers are using. For someone like myself who remembers the dominant days of Netscape Navigator and the Internet Explorer, it is a good time to take stock of the newish kids on the block. For those not too familiar with the history of web browsers (as old as the web itself), a Wikipedia history lesson is just what is needed. What is the state of play Read more


So what Language is it going to be?

There comes a time when a decision has to be made as to which programming language I am going to learn – a follow on from a previous post. Using the infographic that I have produced below, the obvious compromise is C++ using Visual Studios as the development environment. It offers the opportunity to deploy projects across different platforms.       Will update here regularly on how I am getting on with tasking my brain.  

Not Geek….maybe Meek or Sleek or even eke

by Kazeem Olalekan   Assessing myself against the helpful geek chart below from the LinkedIn chaps confirms, alas, that I am no geek! I may be meek, sleek or even eke but I am no geek…which is a shame because I want to support the #GeekPrideDay. Time to get busy with determining what programming language to focus my complete attention on. I may well make a great geek yet! A tech geek perhaps, even a maker geek or a media geek. Probably not a Chic geek…that will be too difficult a leap.   What kind of geek are you? from Read more


My heart bleeds!

by Kazeem Olalekan   My heart bleeds not because I am an independent prescriber in Cardiology. This is not because I hope to develop a specialisation in paediatric cardiology. It is however because the two things I have commented upon lately have come together so devastatingly. I talked about how it is best practice to encrypt website using the Secure Hypertext Transfer protocol. I also recently described the open source philosophy. It is now clear that a security bug has existed in the OpenSSL implementation of SSL for the past 2 years leading to the potential compromise of your and Read more


Troubleshooting a website using Google Chrome

by Kazeem Olalekan   Web browsers are really powerful troubleshooting tools. Over the next few weeks and months, I hope to bring you tips for troubleshooting sites (after all, I touched on this in this post) . Google Chrome offers a powerful troubleshooting tool called inspect element. The video below provides a quick illustration of how to access this element. I will be touching on features of other browsers later. Go forth and troubleshoot!


Front and Back

by Kazeem Olalekan   Last month I posted something about best practice with respect to site encryption. That sorts out the front door. If you wanted to protect your house from buglers, would you lock the front door and leave the back door open? I hope not. That is no way to do security. This is not a tutorial about how email can be intercepted (you will have to write to NSA or GCHQ for that). If your web form is going to transmit sensitive information you have so diligently collected over a secure socket, via email, then it is prudent Read more


Let’s start again

by Kazeem Olalekan   So a new CEO comes in and ‘times they are a changin’. That is Steve’s (Jobs, that is) favourite Bob Dylan song but this story is not about Apple. Rather it is about Microsoft. Well, it could be about Apple because Microsoft announced recently that Office is going on ipad. Mr Nadella is making waves already. Window is going to be free to device makers of screens nine-inches or smaller (can we not discuss size please, it’s rude). Nevertheless, Microsoft is embracing the new “mobile-first, cloud-first” world. My question is: What took you so long? We Read more