Whao…they do?

This post by Mohammad Khamash, illustrates the power of open source in this day and age. Clearly in 2014, everything is opening up. That is a million world away from the communist label that dogged it conception. It is open….m-e-n, not free! Maybe it is time to open up a few more things. See the brilliant info graphics below:   Open Source Own the web – 2014 Update  


What Programming Language?

The question of what programming language to learn first is undoubtedly a puzzle for most people (ref 1). It is for me too. I have over the years shallow dipped in Visual Basic and for more object oriented programming, I have swam with the shark that is C++/C#. I have dabbled in Java, Javascript and ASP. I never however, stayed in the water for long enough to speak the language of the sharks! I got in, do what I needed to do and just got out – just like that. Guess what? I now want to swim with the sharks Read more


Have you backed up your CMS?

How many times have you failed to back-up your work, project etc only to realise that you have lost many hours of valuable work through the loss of data! I have been there and it makes my stomach churn. It is best practice to always back up your work. Nowadays, you pretty much back-up your data in a variety of ways: On a disk, Off site, via encrypted internet connection etc. A number of companies offer off-site data backup for really great prices. I should provide a review of these services at a later date. The bottom line is: Who Read more