So what Language is it going to be?

There comes a time when a decision has to be made as to which programming language I am going to learn – a follow on from a previous post. Using the infographic that I have produced below, the obvious compromise is C++ using Visual Studios as the development environment. It offers the opportunity to deploy projects across different platforms.       Will update here regularly on how I am getting on with tasking my brain.  

Not Geek….maybe Meek or Sleek or even eke

by Kazeem Olalekan   Assessing myself against the helpful geek chart below from the LinkedIn chaps confirms, alas, that I am no geek! I may be meek, sleek or even eke but I am no geek…which is a shame because I want to support the #GeekPrideDay. Time to get busy with determining what programming language to focus my complete attention on. I may well make a great geek yet! A tech geek perhaps, even a maker geek or a media geek. Probably not a Chic geek…that will be too difficult a leap.   What kind of geek are you? from Read more