Whao…they do?

This post by Mohammad Khamash, illustrates the power of open source in this day and age. Clearly in 2014, everything is opening up. That is a million world away from the communist label that dogged it conception. It is open….m-e-n, not free! Maybe it is time to open up a few more things. See the brilliant info graphics below:   Open Source Own the web – 2014 Update  


Have you backed up your CMS?

How many times have you failed to back-up your work, project etc only to realise that you have lost many hours of valuable work through the loss of data! I have been there and it makes my stomach churn. It is best practice to always back up your work. Nowadays, you pretty much back-up your data in a variety of ways: On a disk, Off site, via encrypted internet connection etc. A number of companies offer off-site data backup for really great prices. I should provide a review of these services at a later date. The bottom line is: Who Read more


What is a CMS?

A contents management system (CMS) is a computer program that allow publishing, editing and modifying contents (ref 1). In general they will let you store and organise files, and provide version access to data. How many types of CMSs are available? How long is a piece of string? You see there are so many different systems depending on the underlying content management framework or technology (ref 2); the underlying release licenses and the database support.   Web Application Frameworks:   Web Application Frameworks are the technologies that sits behind dynamic websites (ref 3). The following are the more widely used frameworks: Read more